Friday, April 13, 2012


I am tired of the constant stream of suitors and i wishes to be free of the obligation of my father's will. And I cannot choose my own husband I cannot choose the one I truly love! Father's will wrote that I can only marry the man who choose the correct one of the three caskets. And also, there only consisted of three caskets, the chance of the three man that are able to get the right casket is high! Even though, I may dislike the will that father had stated, but I still obey.

OMG! The chances are high! ):

Portia is an example of nobility. She is a fair-haired beauty with an immense power to attract. Her goodness and virtue enhance her beauty. Unlike Antonio, she is not passive, but displays energy and determination. In many ways, hers is the more forceful figure in the play. Her authority and control with which she deals and manipulates the circumstances of the play are exemplary. In Belmont, the terms of her father's will leave her without any choice in her future husband, and she is saddened that she does not have an appropriate mate. As a dutiful daughter, however, she is compelled to accept her father's wishes. Despite her dissatisfaction with her circumstances, she has a cheerful and optimistic nature. She is clever with words and wit and enjoys the opportunity of performing,
She uses her wonderful ability with words and her keen sense of humor to enliven the scenes in which she appears.

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